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Joe Sabado, Executive Director

Student Information Systems & Technology (SIS&T) provides information systems, communication solutions, and services to the Student Affairs division, the Graduate Division, and some academic departments. SIS&T's success is built upon an enduring commitment to serve, and our vision is to transform the student experience and empower student success through information and communication technology.

We are proud to provide Student Affairs, and the broader UC Santa Barbara community with business-driven, secure, innovative, and technology-enabled solutions and services. We are solution-oriented professionals, lifelong learners, and collaborators who provide excellent customer service to help our partners achieve their goals and promote the University mission.

As the culture of our organization continues to evolve, we remain focused on providing effective, reliable, and resilient service in an ever-changing technological landscape. We welcome your ideas and feedback — please email me at

— Joe Sabado, Executive Director


The 2018-19 Accomplishments Report celebrates SIS&T's 25 years as an organization engaged in digital transformation.

2018-19 Accomplishments Report cover image






After a deep exploration of our strengths and values – informed by department staff, partners, and customers – SIS&T presents a new path forward in its three-year Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan 2017-20


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